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Group lessons

Most lessons are in groups of two or four people unless you have requested an individual lesson. as part of a group you can get feed back from the other students if you get stuck on a particular point.

As an individual if you get stuck on a point it can be frustrating and counter productive .

As an individual or group you will still learn the same amount of information to complete your lesson   


The course is split in to three levels teaching you beach safety

weather conditions kite handling and kite safety, through to board starts up wind riding and how to perform manoeuvres on the water.

We will take you step by step from beginner to independent rider usually within three lessons,




 In this course you will start on the beach flying a trianer kite and learn how to handle a kite,learn about the wind window the landing and launching of a kite your kite safety system and hand signals for assistans in and out of the water 

You will also learn about correct setup of your kite beach safety and the correct weather conditions to fly your kite.

This lesson ends in the water using the large L.E.I kites with an introduction to body draging.


  beginners course

 This lesson is usualy spent in the water for the duration we would start with basic handeling skills ,then body draging with and without the board. From here you will progress to getting the board on your feet and eventualy getting up on the board (board starts. Once you have acheived your board starts you will learn how to stay up wind so you can return to the place you started


This course is for the more proficiant kite surfers.

If you have been saling for a while and are in need of pointers in any of the aspects of the skill like carve turns body stance or need pointers as to how to atcheive a new trick this is the lesson for you.

You may have not done it for a while and just need a refresher course then we can help.




Phone : 07498208846

Group or party bookings


          If you have a friend interested or even a group, give us a call we will do discount for group bookings.


Wirral kitesurfing lessons northwest / kitesurfing lessons Northwest

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